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I am Seeking a Skilled Expert in Mashuru Who can Fabricate a Grill Gate


I am currently searching for a seasoned fabricator in Mashuru, Kajiado County, capable of designing and crafting a stylish grill gate. The project involves creating a grill gate that not only ensures security but also adds a touch of elegance to the property. If you are a skilled fabrication expert with a keen eye for design and precision in craftsmanship, I encourage you to reach out for more details. I am particularly interested in discussing the cost estimation for the fabrication of the grill gate. Your ability to blend functionality with aesthetics is crucial, and I am eager to collaborate with a professional who can bring this vision to life. For interested fabricators, please get in touch to further explore the details of this exciting project. I look forward to engaging with a talented individual who can deliver a high-quality, stylish grill gate in Mashuru at an affordable cost.

Expertise Needed: Steel-Metal Fabrication
Job Location:  Mashuru, Kenya

Looking for a Professional Plumber to Help with the Installation of a Washing Machine


I am looking for a professional and creative plumber in Eldoret to help with the installation of a washing machine.

Expertise Needed: Plumbing Services
Job Location:  Eldoret, Kenya

Where Can I Find Gyproc Gypsum Boards Here in Mombasa?

I'm in search of a reliable supplier in Mombasa who can provide top-quality Gyproc gypsum boards for my construction project. The supplier must guarantee the authenticity and durability of the boards, ensuring they meet industry standards. Timely delivery and competitive pricing are crucial factors for consideration. If you're a reputable dealer with a track record of supplying premium materials, kindly reach out.

Expertise Needed: Gypsum Installation Artisan
Job Location:  Mombasa, Kenya

Need an Expert in Westlands to Install a Wooden Staircase in My House

I'm searching for a skilled expert who can undertake the installation of a wooden staircase in my home located in Westlands. The project requires a craftsman with expertise in woodworking and staircase construction, capable of delivering a high-quality and visually appealing staircase. If you have the necessary skills and experience and are available to work in Westlands, please reach for more details about the job.

Expertise Needed: Interior Design Consultants
Job Location:  Westlands, Nairobi, Kenya

I Need a Quotation for the Installation of Rain Gutters for My House in Migaa Golf Estate

I am looking for a skilled professional to provide a quotation for rain gutter installation at my residence in Migaa Golf Estate, Kiambu. The project involves assessing the property, recommending suitable rain gutter options, and installing them efficiently to ensure proper drainage and protection against water damage. If you are an expert with experience in gutters installation I urge you to reach out and provide a competitive quotation for consideration.

Expertise Needed: Gutters & Drainage Expert
Job Location:  Riabai Rd, Kiambu, Kenya

Where Can I Find a Stylish Suit in Nakuru?

Good evening, 

I'm in search of a stylish, well-fitting suit. I'm looking for a place where I can purchase a ready-made suit, or alternatively, if you're a fashion designer who can tailor a stylish suit, please get in touch. Quality and style are of utmost importance to me, and I'm eager to find the perfect suit that meets my needs. If you have the expertise to craft or provide such a suit, I would appreciate hearing from you.

Expertise Needed: Fashion Design & Experts
Job Location:  Nakuru, Kenya

I'm Currently on the Lookout for a Mazeras Supplier in Kisumu


I am seeking a mazeras supplier in Kisumu as I require top-quality mazeras for an upcoming project. Therefore, I am in search of a reputable mazeras dealer in the area. If you specialize in supplying premium mazeras in Kisumu, I would greatly appreciate it if you could reach out to me. Ensuring the highest quality materials for my project is paramount, and I am confident that a reliable supplier in Kisumu can meet my needs. 

Expertise Needed: Natural Stones & Mazeras Expert
Job Location:  Kisumu, Kenya

I Urgently Seek an Electronics Technician in Vihiga to Repair My Von Hoofer

I am looking for a qualified technician capable of repairing a Von Hoofer system in Vihiga. The device is experiencing technical issues, and I require someone proficient in troubleshooting and fixing the audio equipment. Proficiency in diagnosing and resolving audio equipment issues is crucial. If you are a skilled electronics technician in Vihga please provide details of your experience and availability for this job.

Expertise Needed: Electronics Technician
Job Location:  Vihiga County, Kenya

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