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I am Seeking a Skilled Expert in Mashuru Who can Fabricate a Grill Gate


I am currently searching for a seasoned fabricator in Mashuru, Kajiado County, capable of designing and crafting a stylish grill gate. The project involves creating a grill gate that not only ensures security but also adds a touch of elegance to the property. If you are a skilled fabrication expert with a keen eye for design and precision in craftsmanship, I encourage you to reach out for more details. I am particularly interested in discussing the cost estimation for the fabrication of the grill gate. Your ability to blend functionality with aesthetics is crucial, and I am eager to collaborate with a professional who can bring this vision to life. For interested fabricators, please get in touch to further explore the details of this exciting project. I look forward to engaging with a talented individual who can deliver a high-quality, stylish grill gate in Mashuru at an affordable cost.

Expertise Needed: Steel-Metal Fabrication
Job Location:  Mashuru, Kenya

Looking for a Professional Plumber to Help with the Installation of a Washing Machine


I am looking for a professional and creative plumber in Eldoret to help with the installation of a washing machine.

Expertise Needed: Plumbing Services
Job Location:  Eldoret, Kenya

Where Can I Buy a Ready Made Suit in Kisumu?

I need a stylish ready-made suit and am eager to explore the best options available in Kisumu. I’m looking for a reputable shop where I can view a variety of designs and find the perfect suit to suit my needs. If your store specializes in high-quality suits and you have an impressive selection, I would love to hear from you. Please get in touch with me to provide more details about your offerings and availability. I’m excited to find the ideal suit that reflects my style and sophistication!

Expertise Needed: Fashion Design & Experts
Job Location:  Kisumu, Kenya

In Search of Terrazzo Flooring & Tile Installation Professionals in Kimbo

I wish to link up with an expert who can enhance my flat-roofed house with terrazzo flooring on the rooftop and tile installations in the bedrooms. If you possess proficiency in both terrazzo flooring and tile installation, I invite you to connect for a detailed discussion about the project. It's essential for me to find someone who can conduct a site visit to assess the scope of work and provide cost estimates. Your expertise will play a crucial role in transforming these spaces into functional and aesthetically pleasing areas. Please reach out to discuss how we can collaborate to bring these renovations to life.

Expertise Needed: Terrazzo Installation Services
Job Location:  VX26+M5W, Ruiru, Kenya

I Need Help With the Repair of My Samsung Television

I would like to connect with a skilled technician in Kitengela who specializes in repairing televisions. My Samsung television is experiencing issues with its display, and I need a proficient technician capable of diagnosing and resolving this problem promptly. If you possess expertise in handling such repairs and are based in Kitengela, I would appreciate your assistance. Please reach out to me at your earliest convenience to discuss this task further. Your professionalism and ability to provide efficient service will be greatly valued.

Expertise Needed: Electronics Technician
Job Location:  Kitengela, Kenya

Where Can I be Trained as a Lifeguard Here in Kisumu?

I wish to undergo comprehensive training as a lifeguard. I actively seek a reputable facility with a seasoned lifeguard instructor in Kisumu who can guide and mentor me through this journey. It's essential for me to acquire the necessary skills and certifications to ensure water safety and emergency response proficiency. I envision learning under someone with extensive experience in lifeguarding techniques, CPR, and first aid. My goal is to become adept at identifying potential risks, swiftly responding to emergencies, and ensuring the well-being of swimmers and patrons. Finding a supportive environment where I can receive hands-on training and practical knowledge is paramount as I embark on this rewarding career path.

Expertise Needed: Life Guard-Swimming Pools
Job Location:  Kisumu, Kenya

Call Me If You are a Proficient Borehole Driller in Homa Bay

My borehole needs an extension and I need a borehole drilling expert around Homa Bay who can help with that. If you have experience in maximizing water yield and ensuring efficient drilling operations, I'd like to collaborate with you. The project involves extending an existing borehole to meet increased water demands sustainably. Your expertise in borehole drilling techniques and understanding of local geology would be invaluable. Let's work together to ensure reliable water access while maintaining environmental sustainability. If you're ready to take on this challenge and contribute to enhancing water solutions in my home, please get in touch. 

Expertise Needed: Borehole Drilling Experts
Job Location:  Homa Bay, Kenya

I Require the Services of a Borehole Drilling Expert in Naro Moru

I'm in need of an experienced borehole drilling specialist to help with casing and conducting test pumping for my project. If you're a skilled driller ready to tackle these tasks, I'd love to connect with you for a detailed discussion. Your expertise will be pivotal in ensuring the success of this borehole project. Get in touch with me at your earliest convenience so we can explore how your skills can contribute to achieving our goals.

Expertise Needed: Borehole Drilling Experts
Job Location:  Naro Moru, Kenya

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