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Looking for a Professional Plumber to Help with the Installation of a Washing Machine


I am looking for a professional and creative plumber in Eldoret to help with the installation of a washing machine.

Expertise Needed: Plumbing Services
Job Location:  Eldoret, Kenya

Need a Windscreen Replacement for an Alphard 2003 Car Model

I need a windscreen replacement for an Alphard 2003 car model in Malindi.
We all know that a damaged windscreen can be a safety hazard while driving, as it can obstruct your view and reduce the structural integrity of your car. I have a  Toyota Alphard 2003, which needs a windscreen replacement. I need a reputable and experienced auto glass expert who can help to identify the right type of glass for my vehicle and ensure that it is installed correctly. I understand that the cost of windscreen replacement may vary depending on the type of glass and the complexity of the job. So I need the glass repair expert to share a quote for the windscreen replacement before proceeding with the replacement.

Expertise Needed: Glass Experts-Glaziers
Job Location:  Malindi, Kenya

Need a Screen Replacement for a Samsung 40 Inch Television


I am looking for a television repair expert in Buruburu, Nairobi, to help with the screen replacement for a Samsung 5 series, 40-inch television.

Replacing a television screen can be a complex process, and it requires the right tools and expertise to ensure that the job is done correctly. I am looking for an experienced and skilled television repair expert who offers the best television screen replacement services. The service offered by the expert should provide a cost-effective solution to replace the damaged or faulty screen, saving the cost of buying a new television. The reputable and experienced television repair expert should also offer warranties and guarantees on the screen replacement and installation, as this will provide protection against faulty replacements.

Expertise Needed: Electronics Technician
Job Location:  Buruburu, Nairobi, Kenya

I Need Quality Borehole Test Pumping Services In Vihiga


I am looking for well-trained professionals to offer quality borehole test pumping services in Vihiga.

Test pumping services are an essential part of groundwater exploration and management. Groundwater is a valuable resource that must be properly managed to ensure its sustainability and prevent depletion. I need skilled experts to conduct a series of tests to determine the characteristics of the water source. These tests may include measuring the water level before and after pumping, measuring the rate of flow, and determining the water quality. Based on the results of the tests, the test pumping expert can determine and recommend the most effective method for managing the water source, such as implementing a pumping schedule or adjusting the pump's size or location. I know test pumping services are critical for water resource management, and I need to hire a reputable and experienced borehole test pumping expert to ensure accurate and reliable results.

Expertise Needed: Borehole Test-pumping
Job Location:  Vihiga County, Kenya

Looking for a Professional Mobile Phone Repair Technician in Eldoret


I am looking for a professional phone repair technician in Eldoret to help with the screen replacement for an Umidigi phone. 

My phone has a cracked screen which makes it difficult and even impossible to use it properly. I need a professional mobile phone repair expert who can help restore it to its full functionality. I am looking for a reputable repair provider that uses high-quality parts that are compatible with the Umidigi phone and offers a warranty on their work. I know with the right repair service, I can get my phone back up and running in no time. Therefore I need to get in touch with a trusted mobile phone repair expert in Eldoret today to help with phone screen replacement so that I can enjoy using my device once again.

Expertise Needed: Mobile Phones Technician
Job Location:  Eldoret, Kenya

Need Internet Installation Services in Outspan, Eldoret


I am looking for a reliable internet service provider in Outspan, Eldoret to offer internet installation services. I also need to get the full details about the monthly internet package plans offered by the service provider. The service typically will involve the internet technician visiting my location to install the necessary equipment, such as a modem and router, and configuring the network settings. The installation process can vary depending on the type of internet connection, such as cable, DSL, or fiber-optic. I know some internet service providers may offer self-installation options, but professional installation can ensure that the connection is set up correctly and optimized for the best performance. I need a reliable and fast internet connection which is crucial in today's digital age, and professional installation services can ensure that I have a seamless and hassle-free experience getting connected to the internet.

Expertise Needed: Internet Service Providers.
Job Location:  Eldoret, Kenya

Looking for an Experienced Television Repair Expert


I am looking for an expirienced television repair expert to help with the screen replacement for a  32-inch Hisense television.

Expertise Needed: Electronics Technician
Job Location:  Nairobi, Kenya

I Need a Screen Replacement for a 32 Inch Sony Bravia Television


I am looking for a professional television repair expert in Umoja to help with the screen replacement for a 32-inch Sony Bravia television.

Expertise Needed: Electronics Technician
Job Location:  Umoja, Nairobi, Kenya

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