Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Statement – Confidentiality Guaranteed


The information you submit to us solely belongs to you, and for that reason, we ensure to keep is secure and private. One thing to note though is that choosing our website gives us the right to use your information according to our privacy policy & terms of service but you can always feel at ease since no unauthorized and unverified persons can view your details.

The information we collect:

Becoming a member at our website requires identification, the reason why we will be inquiring for your email address, phone number for verification and also your name(s). These are details that help us identify who you are, which we also use to send you information about our website. We also collect information from the referees that you have presented, whom we may contact to ensure that you are actually who you claim to be.

The people that may share your information:

Other verified users: Since this is a platform where various users come to link up with others for job related engagements, the profile you create is accessible to others but your contact details are only accessible to verified & registered users. This helps in decision making, especially when it comes to choosing the best Expert for a particular task or a potential Sonko. Any personal payment details are kept private though.

Associate: Since our website still exist even after users come and go, we may find ourselves working with business associates to assist other users and as such make use of your information, but this is not your contact or payment details (those remain subject to above clause).

If it is required by the law to provide any of your information, it is a must that we do so but this has to happen only after a court order has been issued. This may happen if you have un-cleared issues with the government or legal challenges that concerns your user profile or account.

Viewing, updating, and modification of information:

It is very possible to do so, if you want to view, renew or correct the information you have shared with us, which actually includes your registration details. What you need to do is to log in to your user account and do so and in case you require assistance in modifying or updating your information we can help.

Your information is safe:

We know that you share your details with us for the purpose of meeting professionals, and for that reason, we ensure that your information is never damaged or tampered with. This is through specific security measures, which are put in place to ensure maximum safety.

Security of payment information:

Many users who register with us as members mainly use mobile or credit card payments and so one thing you need you to know is that details regarding your credit cards or mobile money are never kept in our records. And in any case, even the payment dashboard and submitted details are kept private & confidential within your account.

NB: One very important thing to note is that our website may have links to other websites, and equally would connect you to other people. We do not guarantee security or privacy of the information you may share with the third parties by all means.

In case of any concern or comment on our privacy policy, feel free to contact us.