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We are an agribusiness consultancy firm offering services in the agricultural sections mainly on planning and modern farm structures architectural plans, designs  and implementation.

Our plans are fully developed based on short and long term farm development and land resource availability.

Our services include;

1) whole farm layout.

2) modern farm structures plans and designs.

3) Agricultural project proposals development as well as feasibility studies.

4) Modern farm structures construction.

AGRI-PLAN target ventures are:

1) Dairy enterprises.

2) pig ventures.

3) poultry ventures.

4) shoats ( sheep and goats)

5) and any other agricultural ventures that may be required in the farm.

Our aim as Agric-plan consultancy is to guide farmers to utilize the available lang perfectly without waste and achieve the best and maximize productivity based on the vantures as well achieve maximum animals comfort through proper housing.


Agribusiness & Farming
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