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Kisio Swimming  Pools
Name: Kisio Swimming Pools
About The Expert:

We Now Would like to save ALL our potential Clients time When they are planning to build a Swimming Pool.

Most of our prices are now available for you - Peruse them and compare them with those of our competitors before you give us a call.

We thank you for considering us for the construction of your pool. When considering our Swimming Pool quote, please consider that:

• yours will be our 229th major pool job i.e. new pool or full rehabilitation.

• our pool experience spans 23 years.

• you can visit our website and see pictures of some of our works.

We look forward to starting work on site as soon as possible.

***Please NOTE that we charge for site visits

Please understand that it costs time and fuel to visit a site. You should not have difficulty in compensating us for our effort.

 Ongata Rongai, Kenya

Swimming Pools ConstructionSwimming Pool Attendant
Account Status: Active
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