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Juma Brandon
Name: Juma Brandon
About The Expert:

I am a diligent and hardworking security professional committed to operating within the bounds of standard operating procedures (SOPs). I conduct myself with utmost professionalism, refusing to tolerate any form of work-related intimidation, racism, tribalism, frustration, or discrimination. Above all, I emphasize the importance of clients maintaining a high level of self-respect, as it aligns with the standards of professionalism I uphold. Having garnered experience through my tenure with various companies across Nairobi, I bring a wealth of knowledge to each assignment. As a man of few words, I let my work speak for itself, ensuring that I adhere to the SOPs and fulfill my duties efficiently. Time consciousness is a key aspect of my work ethic; I adhere strictly to agreed-upon timelines and maintain a punctual approach in collaboration with clients. In summary, my professional background, commitment to SOPs, intolerance for workplace negativity, and emphasis on mutual respect make me a reliable and effective security guard for any assignment within the Nairobi city area.

 Industrial Area, Nairobi, Kenya

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