VIP Sonko Plans

As a VIP Employer, your posted jobs are listed first/top of the list: By having your job postings featured first or at the top of the list, VIP employers or Sonkos increase the visibility of their job opportunities, which then attract more qualified candidates. This can save time and effort for the employer in finding the right talent for their needs.

Additional preferred job locations: With a VIP Employer account, you can choose additional preferred job locations, and so expand your reach and attract more potential service providers and experts who are located in different areas but within the expertise you are looking for. This can help you find the best expert for the job opportunity and increase your chances of finding the best candidate.

Flexible dedicated support timelines: VIP employers can benefit from having access to flexible dedicated support timelines for job postings and the bidding process. You are able to choose for how long you need support, so. If you have a lengthy project that you need done, you just pay once and enjoy support for longer periods depending on your needs.

Recommendations of reliable experts: VIP Sonkos/employers benefit from having access to recommendations of the most reliable experts on book. This helps to find highly qualified candidates who have a proven track record of success in their field, which can save time and effort in the hiring process.

Overall, these benefits can help employers to find the right candidates more efficiently and effectively, which can save them time and resources in the hiring process, while also increasing their chances of finding highly qualified candidates for their job openings.

Enjoy Support to Post a Job & Get Faster Job Bids

Boosted Employer

Affordable VIP Sonko Account

  • 2 Operating Locations

Package Options

  • 1 Month - Kshs. 500

Premium Employer

More Bids Per Posted Job

  • 3 Operating Locations

Package Options

  • 3 Months - Kshs. 1400

Turbo Employer

Most Popular/Recommended

  • 4 Operating Locations

Package Options

  • 6 Months - Kshs. 2700

Senior Employer

1 Year of Support, Fastest Bids

  • 5 Operating Locations

Package Options

  • 12 Months - Kshs. 5400