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eWak is a platform that allows skilled professionals, trained experts, freelance technicians or service providers to be able to serve respective work opportunities & effectively. The traditional approach of referral and chancing whenever someone with a work opportunity would mostly refer to especially as adopted in the informal sector has now been left behind. Actually, even in the formal sector after acquiring skills, finishing a training program or school life, it should be easier to highlight what one is capable of offering. eWak is that platform that allows anyone who believes they have a skill to be identified as a key resource in the service delivery industry to be conveniently located. Indeed with everything and everyone embracing technology as a great tool of making things easier, it is only necessary to avoid only having a resume or portfolio back in your drawer or remote folder while that can be located by others online, who are continually searching for skills, professional or technical experts etc. Daily there are many people with the need of having varying solutions offered to them; from technological solutions like access control/CCTV or device installation to maintenance to the repairing of drainage lines or other construction tasks. Ideally these jobs should find the skills faster with the use of technological convenience and that is what eWak is all about. There are many skilled experts listed for perusal and consideration as well as posted jobs for experts to bid for.

We have a 3 layer approach on how we do this to realize a more transparent service delivery process and solution based skills development.

1. To ensure a merit & solution based service delivery process by those offering services; eWak believes in the nurturing & mentorship of skills & potential. The platform is tailored to give much emphasis on growth and development of service providers. The process has beginners, intermediate and veteran experts and all should be encouraged to stay progressive.

This is done through outreach programs, like the boost a skill initiative where needy but potential skills are encouraged and secondly via a comprehensive portfolio reviewing, rating & awarding of reputation badges. Each person who has subscribed and created an Expert work profile is able to ask others to rate them after serving them or to review and rate projects they have done. Empowering especially individual skills goes a long way to making a difference in the work place at the end of the day.

2. To bridge ready and reliable skills, experts & service providers to available work opportunities in a most convenient and efficient manner.

  • Service providers indicate their skills by field of expertise specialization and their operating locations; they also post the projects they have done for potential employers to get am impression of what they could do.
  • Employers/Sonkos or people with projects that need to be done or work opportunities post the jobs which are visible and alerted to the matching experts for bidding.
  • As an expert you can search for posted jobs by location, and expertise of preference and be able to bid for them; while as the Sonko, you can review service providers listed nearest you and equally evaluate portfolios for experts that will bid for your posted task.

3. eWak provokes a productive & healthy discussion on matters relating to 1. & 2. above through intentional outreach programs and initiatives.

We keep a close observation of the interactions and feedback from all parties, that visit, engage or use the eWak platform with the main aim of understanding needs, gaps and instead of critiing or ignoring the same, proposing resolves, improvements and solutions. This is done by engaging forums and activities like ‘boost a skill’ workshops, the greener trails initiative & more so through CSR outreach. These are constructive avenues of positive change where the discussion is done and resolves proposed.

Company Goal & Objective

Ewak Cloud Limited is a private limited company that ideally offers more updated marketing services for experts and employers/Sonkos away from the traditional marketing approach where all types of requests are boosted without merit review but for money. The intent is to facilitate skill empowerment with value addition as a priority. eWak provides the link between Experts (professional experts, freelance experts, artisans & technically skilled persons) and Employers/Sonkos (people with jobs & opportunities) in the most efficient, quick and affordable manner. There is equal emphasis to the informal sector as well as small scaled, personalized & technical expertise that many take for granted. The aim is equally to target individuals and firms in the formal sector as well. The company has much weight on growth and development of skills and potential as much as using technology as a great tool.

eWak provides an opportunity for all to stand counted for a positive change in the work place without the excuse of skill level, region or capital.

eWak’s Skill vs Work Ideology – Process Case Study:

A young person finishes school or their training course and has no experience, so what? They check what is available for them as they search for the opportunity they know they are best at. In this case, one may accompany a friend for casual one off or even voluntary services. In the work place, he or she is an un-identified potential as they are probably working on the odd job, a situation like a faulty car for the big boss happens and maybe the un-identified potential is a car engineer and immediately skill meets opportunity. Yet on another very different situation you have been working on some projects and you have created an online profile with a very low subscription fee and you wait on the next contact or opportunity: Miles near & away people are searching for what you are best at and you just get an engagement alert, you serve the client greatly they return with more work and referrals. Thirdly, another person probably a CCTV expert or web developer may check what is available to them AND maybe only a lawn mower in their compound and with that, create an account with eWak that they can do even garden clearing, an odd job right. They get contacted and given that odd job; interestingly for them, the real opportunity is that while doing that garden job, the expert can say they actually do CCTV installation for instance and that may be a job for the next call from the respective employer/Sonko or from his friend/neighbor. Fourth, you are a veteran and doing great and have a lot to showcase; create an account and let your prowess speak for you, post your projects and let the world know of your skill not just a few contacts. Grow and expand and hire others and indeed train them, do not be comfortable otherwise you will retrogress. The idea is that… Do not sit back, go for it and apply a strategy; it is a process not a jump. eWak simply provokes a progressive mindset that adopts a growth conscious attitude about work, productivity and relevance.

So, stand counted, be part of the positive change... It’s just a few clicks on your phone or mouse and you are set.

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With eWak,

  • We guarantee you convenience & merit based skill boost.
  • We want you not to be left behind by time, chance & opportunity.
  • Do not operate with a limited reach; rather let us be your worthy partner.
  • Any impressive work you have done will be featured for many to see and link up with you.
  • You could be new in an area, just filter the experts in the area within your need, no head scratching.
  • If your car or item breaks down in strange place, just search for the nearest mechanic or expert etc.
  • Anywhere, anytime you offer a service.... You get rated or ask for a review. It’s important!

With our peer-to-peer activities and CSR program, we anticipate to reach out to many and besides the marketing idea empower the youth and the productive group. This is why you need to have an account with us and be part of the same.