Expert Subscription Plans

Expert service provider subscription plans have become increasingly popular in recent years, as more and more businesses and individuals seek out specialized expertise to help them achieve their goals. These plans typically offer access to a team of experts in a particular field or industry, who can provide services, paid consultancy, and solutions on a wide range of skills.

There are many benefits to subscribing to an expert service provider plan. For one, at eWak you get access to a list of posted jobs and bid for potential assignment. This can be especially valuable since the platform allows matching or filtering by specialized expertise that pools opportunities related to your skill.

Another benefit of expert service provider plans is that they often offer a range of options and opportunities and so if you have more than one skill or preference, then you are able to choose a plan that meets that. Indeed, you can scale from one subscription plan to another progressively, can be an active subscriber when you need that or are able.

When choosing an expert service provider plan, it's important to do your research and carefully evaluate the options available to you. From locations you can confidently serve, to the skills that you possess and of course a package that allows you to showcase as many projects which helps employers to trust your profile faster.

Select a Subscription Package/Plan

Starter (Basic)

With a Free Trial Plan

  • 5 Projects
  • 1 Operating Locations
  • 2 Expertise Options

Package Options

  • 1 Month - Kshs. 0
  • 2 Months - Kshs. 449
  • 4 Months - Kshs. 599

Standard Member

More Reach & Benefits

  • 10 Projects
  • 2 Operating Locations
  • 4 Expertise Options

Package Options

  • 2 Months - Kshs. 849
  • 4 Months - Kshs. 1099
  • 6 Months - Kshs. 1249

Pro Member

Most Popular/Recommended

  • 25 Projects
  • 3 Operating Locations
  • 6 Expertise Options

Package Options

  • 3 Months - Kshs. 1599
  • 6 Months - Kshs. 1949
  • 9 Months - Kshs. 2599


Extensive Reach & Coverage

  • 30 Projects
  • 4 Operating Locations
  • 8 Expertise Options

Package Options

  • 6 Months - Kshs. 2799
  • 12 Months - Kshs. 5249
  • 18 Months - Kshs. 7599