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A Professional or Technical Expert (Service Provider).
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Create a professional or technical expert account or online expertise profile with eWak and become a member quick & easy then start getting alerted & contacted for available jobs in your neighborhood and within your expertise by email. Ensure to create a great portfolio with enough technical or professional content, projects done and skills possessed to feature the best.
NB: Request for Rating & Reviews for services you provide projects you have done & jobs you have been assigned through eWak and even get ratings on other genuine projects you have done elsewhere remotely. This will make your service provider profile get featured and ranked higher. Also if an expert is assigned many jobs and gets great reviews via eWak, they get a reputation badge (gold, platinum or bronze accordingly by how many jobs assigned) and remain top of the list. There is a free trial subscription plan but NOTE that advanced plans are featured first or listed top, they allow more content in terms of posted projects, serving locations and potential expertise: This means broader reach to target potential jobs and more content online; also means better indexing online by search engines and therefore greater chances to appear on Google & other search engine results online. Strive to keep your eWak professional expert account & profile subscription active to ensure you do not lose; online indexing, reputation badge or job alerts at any time. The system will only allow subscription renewal and upgrade and not the reverse. In case you need help on the same, reach out or raise a support ticket.
Have a Job, Need some Work Done? (Employer (Sonko))
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When you have some job and you are looking for a reliable service provider, professional or technical expert to hire; you can review the listed experts at eWak experts’ page and get to filter or search form our database of registered & verified experts and then review their profile; reviews, skills, projects, reputation badge etc. and then proceed to engage your preferred skill.
NB: Always Rate Experts on their profile & Their Projects for services or work they have done for you. This will ensure that we promote quality and skill credibility and even better reward & empower skills. To use our services best; all you need to do is to register an employer (Sonko) account for verification free of charge and be able to see the contact details of the preferred expert or service provider whom you desire to hire. At the same time ensure to post the job that you need done so that many experts that match to the job description will start bidding on it and you will get the bid alerts for consideration. Also, you can create a VIP Sonko/Employer account which is payable and ensures that your JOB is listed first or is Featured, allows us to SUPPORT you with recommendations of experts we may have in book and generally obtain optional or preferred privileges like posting your job(s) on our social media profiles and support you with reviewing the posted job for you so that it is most effective to attract bids. The VIP account is time bound and you can always choose a preferred VIP plan depending on your needs.

Market reach & work outsourcing is already mostly online & with the help of technology this has become faster and more effective. With eWak, we boost your job reach especially online and all you need it to let your skills & experience talk on your behalf online. This is by posting projects you are doing or have completed, your skill set on your online profile for potential employers to see your prowess and expertise; indicate the location(s) you operate from and indicate your areas of skill. As a service provider anywhere on the globe you will be listed by your skill set and serving location for logged in matching employers near you. Indeed, even publicly on our platform you will appear on the search results by your expertise and serving location(s). We have several subscription plans with each package having different attributes and time span of membership. You can always renew or upgrade your membership for bigger, continued and better jobs reach.

Every time you offer some professional or technical service, you can ask the employer (Sonko) to rate you and leave a review of the offered service… This way over time you will build a reputable profile and a trail of evidence of your skills/expertise. Allow people to see your growth trend and lived experience over time and across different places. With an active expert or service provider membership account, you will be able to see listed jobs in your location and within your expertise for you to bid what interests you. You will also stand the chance to be engaged where you match jobs near you or to a potential employer’s job description needs.

Select a Subscription Package/Plan

Online presence is highly influenced by quality content and search engine optimization. eWak is well optimized to drive traffic to profiles registered and created on it. So, create a great profile, upload quality content and start getting an accelerated online presence and feature on search results online from customers searching for your skills. The higher the package, the bigger the benefits; more job alerts for biding, showcase more done projects which means more reach, also, more time for indexing and all this translates to better returns.

Enjoy support to create an expert subscription plan affordably, showcase your skills and renew your account to keep trending. With an active subscription, you remain listed in the employers (Sonkos) profiles and online and would be engaged for your skills & tasks they need done. This means you get random calls and inquiries from potential employers that need your services. Also, by accessing the posted jobs, you bid and with a well rated profile with great reviews, you get assigned jobs.

Starter (Basic)

With a Free Trial Plan

  • 5 Projects
  • 1 Operating Locations
  • 2 Expertise Options

Package Options

  • 1 Month - Kshs. 0
  • 2 Months - Kshs. 449
  • 4 Months - Kshs. 599

Standard Member

More Reach & Benefits

  • 10 Projects
  • 2 Operating Locations
  • 4 Expertise Options

Package Options

  • 2 Months - Kshs. 849
  • 4 Months - Kshs. 1099
  • 6 Months - Kshs. 1249

Pro Member

Most Popular/Recommended

  • 25 Projects
  • 3 Operating Locations
  • 6 Expertise Options

Package Options

  • 3 Months - Kshs. 1599
  • 6 Months - Kshs. 1949
  • 9 Months - Kshs. 2599


Extensive Reach & Coverage

  • 30 Projects
  • 4 Operating Locations
  • 8 Expertise Options

Package Options

  • 6 Months - Kshs. 2799
  • 12 Months - Kshs. 5249
  • 18 Months - Kshs. 7599

Locate Experts, Service Providers or Artisans (Fundis) Near You

If you have some professional work opportunity or technical job or work, eWak allows you to check through service providers listed nearest you by their skills, and those within the expertise you need. This means if you have a technical job like installation of something, maintenance or repair job; you are all set. Indeed, even for other professional job opportunities like freelance accountants, web developers to official skills, the platform is not limited. You will be able to filter experts, technicians, developers or skills by their expertise and serving locations. On registering an employer’s (Sonko) account either the standard or the VIP account; you will automatically get registered experts in your location listed for you. Also, you will be able post a job and receive bids from experts that match your need.

If you hire a service provider, and use their services, consider rating & reviewing them to help them feature & rank with credibility/reputation badges accordingly or to know what they may need to improve on. Below is a list of experts & service providers listed by their expertise categories from which you can peruse those that meets your needs. The feature to automatically push & list experts in your location is only available or accessible when you are logged in. You can also proceed to post your job with some clear details or seek our support through the VIP employer account option.

Bid for Jobs Online, Hire Experts Near you Faster & Affordably

With eWak, we provide an effective bridge BETWEEN experts, professional service providers, technical experts, freelancers, AND job opportunities like maintenance & repair tasks, item installation works, official & formal jobs and other job offers. The idea is to create a network of skills and then connect the same to available opportunities. So if you are an employer (Sonko), and you have some job that you need done, this is your preferred platform where you will always link up with the skill you seek. You will have many bids for any legit job that you will post online on eWak and have the privilege to review and hire or contract experts near you. Similarly, for experts and service providers, instead of keeping your skill set and portfolio of done projects to yourself in your phone or computer, showcase them. This is the right platform which gives you the opportunity to post them online for potential employers to see. You will also be able to get alerted when jobs matching your skills are posted near you. Please note that we do not publish contact details publicly but that is reserved for verified and subscribed users. We have outlined our privacy policy, as well as terms & conditions that guide further on our obligations and for user acknowledgement.