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Welcome to eWak, a platform that connects skills & experts, with potential employers/Sonkos; i.e. people with jobs & opportunities. We employ value added networking as our marketing strategy and reach out for partners in the process. Once you have decided to be a user or a partner of our services, it means that you are ready to agree with all our terms and conditions. Individuals looking forward to transacting via our website, post jobs or hire experts must comply with the terms and conditions below:

The Services

Our services are tailored for individuals who sign up, to use our platform to post their skills & pieces of work/projects they have done with an aim to get hired or post jobs that need professional experts to deal. This however does not mean that we are directly involved in the service agreements or engagements done between the platform users independently. We are solely a marketing & a networking platform that makes it easy for employers (Sonkos) and the service providers (Experts) to interact and hopefully do business. While we may wish to help resolve any possible arising disputes, we strongly encourage that as a Sonko, you vet an Expert keenly by evaluating their profile before the actual physical meeting or remote hiring and agree prior to commitment. Then as an Expert, ensure to only bid for jobs that you are 100% sure that you can comprehensively tackle; do not depend on informal engagements, do official quotes and have the Employer/Sonko sign the quote sheet as a symbol of their commitment or offer some written commitment or consent. For those who agree to partner with us in any of our outreach & CSR programs, you are encouraged to volunteer without prejudgments, conditions and indeed seek absolute clarity before involvement and where possible present yourself in person for the activities.

Membership & Engagements

In order to use our platforms, you need to register and get verified. There are both free and paid membership plans for Experts & the Employers/Sonkos respectively. This is why you need to create a profile, which we regulate, monitor, disapprove if necessary, per individual case. Free membership has a limited timeframe and has fewer features & attributes. Paid subscription has more flexible features, benefits and privileges. All users are treated as our clients. Once you are a user, you will be given the permission to post information, as well as access the areas of the platform that are not accessible Publicly. There are things that you are not allowed to do though, which includes violating our rules, posting false details about yourself, posting information that’s not appropriate, accessing areas that are restricted from you and tampering with other users’ content among others.

Under the optional Expert Pooling Service available for some VIP employers/Sonkos; where especially the employer be it an individual, an institution, a company, an NGO or any other legal entity may not register an account in the eWak platform, these terms on this page apply where necessary and as outlined in the other sections of this page.

Where a person or a group or an institution chooses to partner with us in the outreach programs, we partner as independent parties but with a common clarified objective; to mentor young & inexperienced skills and to support those that need professional career support. This partnership is on a voluntary basis where both partners agree without liabilities or responsibilities beyond the common objective. As a partner you are not our representative by any means and should not conduct any business in the name of eWak (Ewak Cloud Limited).


In our bid to support young skills and to encourage young pupils/students to conserve the environment and to encourage productivity & handwork; we facilitate programs like the Green Student Initiative & Boost a Skill with eWak using our CSR kitty BUT we invite willing partners to support in person or to donate trees, personal presence or financial support towards the initiatives. This is voluntary and so any person or group that chooses to support does that at their own free will & without conditions. We do our duty to keep the invite open to those who want to be part of the noble task. CSR is highly overlooked be especially the informal sector, freelancing professionals, self-employed people as well as by the SME practitioners; eWak tries to provoke that discussion.

Conditional Refund Policy

While we have successfully supported many Expert to Sonko engagements, please note that we do not supervise that & our services do not guarantee that you must get an expert or a job but we provide the link and it’s the users responsibility to evaluate, vet, commit or engage with their interested parties or listed opportunities. Failure to secure links, jobs or service providers does not warrant refunds as there are many factors that contribute to the same. Also we are aware that some users may subscribe, get the details they want and wanted to access and then, feeling that they got what they wanted ask for undue refund. Therefore, as a subscription based platform we have a conditional refund policy. Where a user has paid for a subscription package or has submitted their support towards one of our initiatives and wishes to cancel that, eWak guarantees refunds BUT with a condition. For refund on subscriptions, ensure to request your refund within 6-12 hours for review and approval, (we may appeal where we are sure you accessed the details of a logged in user with the assumption that you accessed useful details or downloaded the same) otherwise the payment is final and refund is not guaranteed. This is because successful registration & access to the platform means you are able to download useful details like expert contacts (as a sonko) and/or receive job alerts (as an expert) that serve your needs and also the subscriptions are time bound packages, done through a verification process and so it is hard to submit payment by error or without intent. After the said timeline, the time bound subscription service offered by eWak will be considered utilized and not covered by the refund policy. When a user decides to withdraw their support donations towards our initiatives, we require that to be done within 12-24 hours as well to allow refund processing. After the said period, the funds are channeled to the intended programs and so refunds are not guaranteed after that provided timeline.

Assurance of Security

In case there is another person using the platform with your user identifications or password, we shall assume that the person is very close to you and that they have your permission to do so. You should, therefore, take the responsibility of taking care of your user ID and password, we won’t be held responsible in case the wrong person uses them.

It is prohibited for users to upload profile pictures, project or job images or even use content bearing their contact details like phone numbers or/and email addresses. These contact details are filled in the required forms in the user profiles AND are not publicly displayed to avoid exposing your personal data to the general public and so possibly accessible to even people with ill motives. Only verified users gain access to your contact details and so do not upload these contact details with the content that gets publicly published. We unpublished profiles that do not uphold that oversight and only re-publish the same after compliance.

When you meet for quote discussions or site surveys, be sure to take security precautions like taking a friend with you to potential work sites, alerting a friend of your whereabouts, ensuring to meet in public, open and safe places for work discussions and do not discuss things outside work engagements. We do not supervise such meetings & engagements and therefore cannot be held responsible on how you relate outside and beyond our website & platform. Ensure always to agree on terms and payments using a formal procedure like having written contract agreements or quote sheet signed before commitment to avoid disputes.

We give a chance for users to review other users and post ratings and review feedback so that we can assess and resolve affected user accounts. This however MUST not be used wrongly to settle unwarranted disputes by way of false & negative untrue comments. We are ready to assist on reviewing such incidents and so deny such abuse or defamations to be done on our platform. Always report such issues so that the right steps are taken.

Safeguarding of Copyrights, Personal Details and Brand Names


Our online brand is ‘eWak’ or ‘Ewak Cloud Limited’ and our website and platform has a lot of content that members can view publicly, and some of which will not be what you put but that which was added by other users or the site’s licensors. One thing that you should never do is to sell, duplicate, adjust or exhibit any of them without our approval. Where we partner, this does not mean that you can trade, represent us, ‘ours’ or use our brand on our behalf in any way. Equally, we do not use your brand or personalized details as our own but we represent your details as yours. We only allow verified users to access your contact details submitted in your user profiles. Your contact details are not publicly displayed, do not publish them on areas that the general public can see on our platform, that is indeed prohibited by our terms of use.


We are not service providers on behalf of anyone but our liability is to market your skill and or service brand where that applies as “yours” and we do not benefit from such but yourself. You must not use other people’s material, brand or content to display as yours where the same is not yours. Our duty is to close user accounts that overlook this sensitive condition. Where you agree to feature on our platforms, you do so as an independent user and your personal content/details could be accessed as you have expressed in our engagements with you during video interviews, account creation and we do not add anything beyond what you say or provide. HOWEVER, ensure not to upload profile pictures, project or job images or even content bearing your contact details like phone numbers or/and email addresses. Contact details are only to be uploaded in the profile form and only accessible to verified users.

Warranty of Errors

You are not the only one using our website & platforms, and therefore we cannot guarantee that using our website will not pose any challenge to you. Other users may have information that consists viruses, (do not click on executable files or links) inconsistencies and this is why we encourage you to ensure that you have spare copies of the information you use on our website. What we do is to ensure that our website is operational 24/7 and secure but we are not at all liable for the errors that may occur.


Since we cannot control genuine and none genuine cases of users of our services or individual intent of each user; we firmly advise that…

1. You avoid meeting people in private places to discuss deals or possible business that you have linked via our website or platforms.

2. You should ensure that when meeting a new person, do that in the company of someone else or in a public place, alert someone you confide with of your intended where-aboutss or the said meeting.

3. Do not agree to be given vehicle or motorbike lifts by strangers to such meetings or accept to exchange vital personal information or materials prior of being certain of a deal or job or service.

4. Ensure to follow sound business contracts and payment agreements, desist from submitting payments before work or services are offered to you.

5. Our marketing services are limited to creating potential deals and possible business from the Experts we market/network and the Sonkos (employers) and even though we may recommend, we are not part of individual business meetings & agreements.

6. We cannot authorize anybody or any person to collect donations or support on our behalf, all this is done via our official website link: https://ewak.co.ke/blog/outreach-partners-program or in our office.

7. You need to always verify a person who claims to be part of our team, our partner or a representative using our official contact details as provided on our website.

Legalities, Disputes and Resolutions

Our services are subject to the laws of the land and we do not support or market illegal services or jobs. We have outlined our services in the predefined service categories. Where needed we provide details to law enforcement bodies in the case of legal disputes relating to a user of or linked to our platforms.

We encourage that before hiring an expert or bidding for a job, you do a comprehensive review of the same and verify that they are genuine and be keen of any red alerts and probably arrange service delivery in parts as well as seek payments by installments after every step until you are sure of it.

Kindly note that, as marketers we are not directly liable for disputes arising from the users of our platform or services. We do not collect money on behalf of any user be it an Employer/Sonko or an Expert. The best we can do is to terminate a user account that could be associated with repeat disputes or gross misconduct.

These are among the terms that create an agreement between users and our services, which we are sure, are friendly and applicable. We reserve the right to close any account that abuses, violates or overlooks our service terms at our own discretion.