Account Registration & Verification and Details of Membership


Registration & Verification

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eWak is an online platform and available to any skilled expert online, & accessible globally. To get started, simply sign up for an expert membership plan for a period from a few weeks to several months or even a year plus. You will need to register and get verified in order to use the platform and provided services. To register here; you will fill your personal details & get an OTP (one time password) for verification, which will be sent to your email or/and as a text message. Submit it & complete your registration by indicating your serving location and the expertise category or categories that suits you and then proceed to add more content about your skills, projects for best experience.

Only verified users are able to enjoy the services that come with detailed membership. A comprehensively registered user profile creates more confidence to employers/Sonkos and that increases chances of being contracted or hired.

Membership Plans

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There are 4 membership plans:

NB:  We have a free trial membership plan that comes with the starter package. The paid packages are charged a small subscription fee to help us market your skills; post, manage & store your details securely. The higher the package, the more the attributes (more operating locations, can allow more projects and expertise skill sets), benefits & content and hence a bigger online presence & jobs reach.
  • Starter/ Basic Package: Comes with a free trial and/or promotional membership. Helps you understand our platform if need be. It also has very affordable 2 months or 4 months plans respectively. Has a limit of 5 projects, 1 operating location & 2 expertise options.
  • Standard Package: It has 1 month, 2 months or 4 months paid membership plans. With this package, you can only post 10 projects, 4 expertise options & it accommodates 2 operating locations.
  • Pro Membership: This package has 3 months, 6 months or 9 months paid membership plans. With this package, you can post 25 projects, 6 expertise options & it accommodates 3 operating locations.
  • Veteran Membership:  This is the most RECOMMENDED Package. It has 6 months, 12 months or 18 months paid membership plans. With this package, you can post 30 projects, 8 expertise options  & it accommodates 4 operating locations..
Currently, you cannot downgrade your account package, you can only upgrade or renew a current subscription package. E.g., you cannot move from a PRO package to a STANDARD or STARTER package; but once a PRO subscriber, you can only renew the PRO plan to another PRO plan or to a higher package like a VETERAN package. For support on this, reach out to our support desk.

Profile Badge, Ratings & Reviews

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If you use our services responsibly (irrespective of the membership plan) and actively meaning you get many jobs done and so you get good reviews, then you deserve some reputation or credibility badge of expertise.

A registered employer/Sonko or a guest user can rate your profile after service delivery or on perusing your projects. They can leave a 5-star rating or a review comment at their will or at your request.

The higher the badge the more preferred you are!

No badge: Means you are a starter and have been assigned less than seven jobs through our platform and probably have low ratings or no reviews yet.


Bronze: This means that you have been assigned at least 7 jobs through eWak and says your trust level is rising well and your profile is growing. Your rating needs also to be 2.5 stars and above.


Silver: This badge says that you have been assigned more than 15 jobs through the platform and also your rating should be 3.0 stars and above.


Gold: This badge indicates that you have been assigned above 25 jobs through eWak and definitely have 4 stars rating and above.

Portfolio Management

Ensure to keep your account active by renewing your subscription timely to avoid losing earned online goodwill, earned reputation & search engine indexing. Even when your subscription is exhausted, your profile details are stored in our database for a considerable time to allow you to renew it as immediately as you should without losing the same unless you take too long or delete your profile. Write extensive content to describe your expertise and add as many projects to help search engines index your profile faster (more content determines that). Make sure to follow up & tell employers/Sonkos to rate & review your profile and also to review and comment on your projects. Seek to be hired & assigned jobs on the platform so that your portfolio grows. This helps potential employers/Sonkos in future to trust you quicker.

Employer (Sonko)

Registration & Verification

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If you have a job that you need to get done, all you need is internet connectivity and your phone or computer and then locate a service provider easy and fast. You simply register an employer/Sonko account at eWak and get verified, then you will be able to post jobs and access listed experts with their contact details.

NB: While registering and filling your details; you will get an OTP (one time password) for verification; this will be sent to your email or/and as a text message. Submit it & complete your registration by indicating your location and/or job location and the expertise category or categories that you need.

Equally you will be alerted by email on bids placed on the jobs you have posted by experts that match your job description and with bias to the job location. This is especially for technical jobs that need site visit & execution. There is a free employer account subscription plan as well as a paid VIP employer/Sonko account. For the free account, you post the job and peruse for experts by your own without any dedicated support with that process.

The VIP Sonko (Employer) Account: There are some key benefits worth noting that comes with a VIP employer account. First of all, you can choose additional preferred locations to alert & indeed reach more experts per expertise category about your job post. Your posted jobs are listed first or in other words get featured on our platform; and the privileges of this account allow us to SUPPORT you with recommendations of experts we may have in book as well as support with the bidding process. Generally, you also obtain optional or preferred privileges like posting your job(s) on our social media profiles and support you with reviewing the posted job for you so that it is most effective to attract bids. The VIP account is time bound and you can always choose a preferred VIP package depending on your needs.


Ensure to post your job in the platform so that even as you search for an expert, you may receive bids from interested experts in the industry and those nearest you. Ensure to assign your job to avoid many unnecessary bids being sent to you after the job is unavailable. In your account, you will see some key job listings.

  • Active Jobs: These are jobs you have just posted and bid alerts are done at this stage.

  • Assigned Jobs: These jobs refer to the ones you received bids and assigned to respective matching experts. Experts may keep bidding for a job until it is assigned to one expert or have been deactivated. Assigned jobs can be un-assigned, and be available for fresh biddings.

  • Expired Jobs: Active jobs left open/unassigned get flagged as expired after 3-6 months. May need to be reposted afterwards if the need so arises.

Service Ratings & Review

To help grow skills i.e., the experts & also to allow us review them, kindly always leave some feedback based on your experience and rate them; based on the type of service they offered write a review against their profile or/and project. This helps us offer them reputation badges of merits and helps potential employers or Sonkos to trust an expert faster or know what to expect from them. Also, this helps an expert to grow in reputation and reliability.

Service Contracting, Quotes, Site Visits, Engagements & Agreements

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Our services are purely for marketing, networking & connecting/linking skills to potential employers/Sonkos. We are not part of the actual contracting, meetings or work engagements. We do our best to review the Experts & Employers/Sonkos listed by verifying them through their phone numbers and emails as well as monitoring respective feedback from guest/potential users as well as registered users. Once you review a job requirement or an expert’s capability, it’s your discretion to contact a respective expert or Sonko and meet them in a safe & open place, and one of the things we do is to bias connections for users in the same neighborhood.

NB: It is important to be responsible as you engage or get engaged for work

  • Take time to review the user profile, job credentials or expert portfolio before contacting them.
  • Take yourself to the site with a friend and let someone know where you are.
  • Avoid open work agreements but formalize the process and have a witness always.
  • Agree payment amounts, mode & timelines before service delivery and have a signed sheet of contract or quote sheet signed by the employer/Sonko.

However, if you need our involvement in service contracting or working with us directly, read our optional Expert Pooling Service for your consideration under the VIP employer support page.

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